Spitz Breeds (Non-Sporting)

Wine Jug 4 Century BCWine Jug 4 Century BC

This section includes those Spitz breeds that are classified in the Non-sporting Group in Australia. In this Group these are medium sized breeds whose functions are watch dogs and companions. They share the same history as other Spitz breeds which date back 4 centuries Before Christ as this ancient wine jug illustrates. 'Spitz' is a German word describing a thick double coated dog with a pointed muzzle, erect triangular ears, a stocky body, and a tail curved over the back.

Jap Spitz Tayla Couling of Snap it Quick Photography

Japanese Spitz

A medium sized white dog, the Japanese Spitz developed as a pure breed during the 1900's. He comes in only one size and although usually a companion or pet dog, he also makes an excellent watchdog. For comparison, the Italian breed the Volpino Italiano is also included in this section because he is also usually white and also only comes ... »» Read more...

Japanese Spitz Gainsborough Painting

German Spitz (Mittel) and (Klien)

'German Spitz', from small to large and several sizes in between, have existed since the earliest of civilizations. But when 'pure breed dogs' came into existence, Stud Books and Breed Standards defined the breeds, sometimes with new names. German Spitz (Klein) and German Spitz (Mittel), are modern varieties of the original medium sized German Spitz. From this old type German ... »» Read more...