Modern Roles

Golden RetrieverGolden Retriever

The future of dogs lies in their adaptation to modern society. Today, dogs still draw upon their basic instincts which have been adapted to fill modern roles in areas such as conservation. Meanwhile other dogs form such strong affinities with humans that they can be expertly trained to fill modern roles with people who require special needs.

Lab Guide

Assistance Dogs Changing Lives

Most of us have marvelled at the skill of 'Seeing Eye' dogs. But dogs can also be trained to make a difference in the lives of those of us with physical and mental disabilities. These dogs are taught to respond somewhat instinctively, so enabling disabled people to live more independent lives. »» Read more...

Setter English Under Gun

From Rough Shooting to Conservation

When WW2 ended, no longer were we rationed to two gallons of petrol per month. With no large supermarkets, small shops stocked some meat, albeit expensive! So rabbiting and hunting on foot in our wild open spaces with a 'Rough Shooters' dog was as much of a necessity as it was a recreation. Today, the instincts of some of these ... »» Read more...

Maremma Blaze Head

Big Dogs Save Little Penguins

The use of Livestock Guardian Dogs in conservation projects is a ground-breaking Australian concept. Despite from this same European family of breeds, in 1842 the French breed the Pyrenean Mountain dog was introduced to perform its original role, this unique programme evolved, the Maremma Sheepdog was chosen for this project. This decision was based on the positive experiences local chicken ... »» Read more...


Companion Dogs in New Zealand

In these days of Internet, iPhones and Blackberries, it is difficult to imagine there are still some people who live in such isolation that their mail and supplies are delivered twice a week by a mail boat. This is the case in the sparsely inhabited region forming the magnificent Marlborough Sounds, situated at the North of the South Island of ... »» Read more...

Welsh Corgi Pembroke Profile Glenda

Queen Elizabeth's Corgis

While we all mourn the passing of the late Queen Elizabeth II, as dog enthusiasts we would no doubt be attracted to the many shots of the Queen with her Corgis. Both inside and outside the Palace, her dogs were obviously her constant companions. »» Read more...

Coat Lundehund foot

Dewclaws that are Functional

It has always been common practice for breeders remove dewclaws. On the front legs, their removal creates a clean line of the front leg and makes the dog appear to stand more 'up on its toes'. On the back legs the dewclaws often not only look ugly, the nail can grow so long that it curls back into the pad, ... »» Read more...