Toy Spaniels

King Charles Spaniel (Tri-colour)King Charles Spaniel (Tri-colour)

The History of Toy Spaniels indicates that they developed independently in England, Europe and Asia simultaneously. Today we have distinctly different modern pure breeds descending directly from these ancient Spaniels. The line between Spaniels (Toy) and Spaniels (Sporting) historically dates back to over one thousand years ago to the days of using dogs for hunting. Here we shall consider Toy Spaniels separately.

Charlies two heads

Cavalier King Charles and King Charles Spaniel

The Cavalier King Charles Spaniel is one of the most popular toy breeds. But there are two distinctly different breeds of King Charles Spaniels developed from the ancient Toy Spaniel. Firstly we have the King Charles Spaniel as depicted in paintings of the Prince Charles the Second and is now popularly known as the 'Charlie'. Secondly we have the Cavalier ... »» Read more...

Papillon Red white

Papillon and Phalene

This Toy Spaniel was developed in Europe. The Papillon and Phalene are the two varieties of the Continental or European Toy Spaniel, differing only in their ear carriage. Historically the Phalene was the more common variety. But in our modern world, the pricked eared variety is more popular. In some countries they are exhibited at dog shows separately as two ... »» Read more...