Other Early Airedales (1920 - 1950)

Airedale c 1930Airedale c 1930

There were numerous people around Australia involved in Airedales during this time and when you consider that the world was in depression in the 1930's, it is quite remarkable that Airedales prospered the way they did during this period. This section includes information I have so far to hand on some of these other people.

WA Airedale Cup1

Early Airedales in Western Australia

The next information we have about Airedales in WA is from 1927 until 1940 when a cup pictured below was awarded annually at the WA Kennel Club for the Best Airedale. The names on that cup make interesting reading. But apart from CH AERIAL ENSIGN owned by Mr Rodd who won it in 1927, there are few known names or ... »» Read more...

KCC Ch Jovial Pedler

Early Airedales in New South Wales

This section includes the information I have so far to hand on some of the early NSW breeders. »» Read more...

Queensland 1945

Early Airedales in Queensland

The information below was published in the Canine Stud Books of Australia which ran from 1922 through to 1945, when World War Two ended. During the period the Stud Books were published, 732 Airedales from all over Australia were registered including 11 UK imports, 2 New Zealand imports. and an influx from several well known Victorian Kennels of that time ... »» Read more...