Victorian Airedales Since 1950

Looking into the futureLooking into the futureSince 1950 Victoria has continued to be the dominant state for breeding and showing airedales. One of the biggest kennels was Rangeaire which has its own section. This section includes information on other kennels I have so far to hand, each with their own dedicated page.

Mae Platts with Puppy

Exmoor Airedales

I knew May (Mabel Violet) Platts well as a rival competitor. I believe it is fair to say that May not only had an insatiable passion for Airedales that ruled her life, Airedales were her life. I feel no History of Airedales in Australia is complete without acknowledgement of her contribution to the breed. Despite her gruff manner, she started ... »» Read more...

Alan Pam 1974

Devonaire and Airewood Airedales

Alan and Pam Bardoe arrived in Melbourne from England in 1952 not long after their marriage. They were part of the 'ten pound pom' immigration scheme that was introduced into Australia after World War 2 to supply workers for Australia's booming industries. Alan was a salesman and could always spin a good yarn! His stories included those about the rescue ... »» Read more...

Keith thumb

Tjuringa Airedales

Keith and Trish Lovell commenced a life time love affair in Airedales when they were newlyweds living at Lake Tyers around 1967. At that time this was an aboriginal settlement on the coast around 250 miles from Melbourne where Keith was in charge of the 'Special' School on this remote settlement. Keith was Head Master of this school for Aboriginal ... »» Read more...

WarrenRob Rosie

Seaire Airedales

Robert and Margaret Warrens first Airedale 'Felix' was bought early in their marriage. Their later involvement with Airedales would span more than 20 years, breeding 6 Champions along the way. But in the beginning Robert had considered a Doberman but having visited a friend and met an outgoing, friendly, fun-loving Airedale, Marg and Rob wanted their 3 children to grow ... »» Read more...

Ken Billy

Belltirna Airedales

One day my mother and I (Ken Campbell) decided to buy a dog to replace our old Labrador which had just died. Mum wanted an Airedale, so we looked in the newspaper and answered advertisements to look at both. My mother, Irene "Rene" Campbell's choice fortuitously came first and we arrived at a house to see a litter of ten ... »» Read more...

Wally and pup

Other Victorian Breeders

This section combines information I have so far on a few kennels whose beginnings were closely connected to 'Rangeaire'. Published here is my memories from some people plus the material I have so far to hand. »» Read more...