Early Airedales in New South Wales

KCC Ch Jovial Pedler (Imp UK)KCC Ch Jovial Pedler (Imp UK)

This section includes the information I have so far to hand on some of the early NSW breeders.

Dr Sparks brought out three imports, CH ILAN FLYAWAY, and ILAN QUEENS in 1924 followed by CH MOORHEAD HER MAJESTY in whelp to Eng CH CRAGSMAN DUPLICATE who also carried 'Wrose' lines of the famous English kennel of Mr. Hildebrand Wilson. The progeny of this litter spread across Australia. Additionally, Eng Ch ILAN FLYAWAY was 'the best terrier ever seen in Australia', according to one report I have to hand and was known as 'the one thousand pound dog'. But he had a very short show career, due to one single judging decision. But he was such an outstanding dog that he was used over every significant bitch at that time. Such was the impact Dr Sparkes and his 3 imports had over Airedales in early NSW.

Mr J Pope-Allan of Elfstone Kennels imported ELPHSTONE MIXER which when mated to MONARCH OF CANNON in the late 1920's produced CH STONLEIGH SUPREME owned by (but not bred by) Bill Brilliant of Victoria. In those days it was common place to put one's prefix on a dog that was purchased from another breeder.

Sir Archibold Howie was also an Airedale enthusiast between the two World Wars in Sydney. Sir Archibold was father of 'Bill' who was for many years Chairman of the Governing Council, RAS of NSW.

Mr L Foster bred ARDERSIER DUPLICATE in the late 1920'2 early 1930's. This dog was sold to Mr E Bury of Manoa Kennels and was extensively shown and described as 'the best Airedale in Sydney at the time'. He was awarded a title quoted as Commonwealth Grand Champion, presumably a Champion in 3 States which would have given him what was later known as Australian Champion. This dog sired CH MARLENE OF MANOA and CH MISCHIEF OF MANOA.

Mr I Cornwell bred CH ORARA RONDO and CH ORARA RIPPLES in the mid-1930's

C W Parsons owned the 'Heatherleigh' Kennels in Gosford before the Second World War. Although most of his bitches were Victorian bred including, CH MARYVALE MEADOWLARK from Neville Whiting, he owned GRAND Ch.CHAMPION JOVIAL PEDLAR (imp UK) who was imported into Victoria by C D Mollison of the Towart prefix, at whose home the Airedale Terrier Club of Victoria was formed.

Mrs I Besley of Uralla Kennels did well with the Victoria bred dog CH OAKOVER OFFENDER in the late 1930's and continued at what shows were available during World War 2. She also exhibited GRAND CHAMPION URALLA ROSALIND (by Victorian bred Grand Champion OAKOVER OFFENDER out of CH ORARA ROMANCE) in the late 1930's to several Best Exhibit in Show all-breeds. In an advertisement for puppies , an unnamed daughter of URALLA ROSELIND appears, reproduced below:

This unnamed bitch is owned by Mrs K Beard of Goulburn is a daughter of the Victoria bred WREUBEN OF WRIXON out of GRAND CHAMPION URALLA ROSELIND.

I also have record of C R Stokes, L BEASLEY, F C Saggers, K F Beard, W Sanders, Miss R A Shore, R Lupton, A R Vermeulin, E Hayes, C Batten, L A Foster and Lt Col J W S Lucas being involved with Airedales in Sydney between the World Wars. However, I have no information on any of these people.