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Goldern Retriever PuppyGoldern Retriever Puppy

This instructional section deals with the many practicalities of choosing and and owning dogs. Utilizing a lifetime of personal experience as well as acting as a mentor to new owners, breeders, judges and dog show exhibitors, this section aims to answer numerous questions  on general dog selection and care, grooming, breeding and judging dogs.



Border Collie Herding

Understanding Pure Breed Dogs

Pure breed dog breeds have been developed by breeding dogs over a period of time to fulfil some specific purpose. The record of the dogs parents and in turn grandparents that have successfully performed his job over a specific number of generations is called a pedigree. Today, to be recognised as a pure breed dog this pedigree must then be ... »» Read more...

Afghan Child

Choosing the Right Dog

The choice of a companion dog is a personal one. We all have different expectations. Complicate this with the variation in individual requirements of different types of dogs, the choice of a new dog requires much thought and consideration. »» Read more...

Welcoming Golden

Welcoming a puppy into your home

Careful planning and supervision in those first few weeks of a puppy's arrival home will help ensure its future role as your special companion and family member. A well-socialized and well trained dog is certainly man's best friend. By following these 8 simple guide lines, bringing a puppy home can be an enjoyable experience and alleviate stress for both you ... »» Read more...

Borzoi Crossed Legs

Care of your Dog

This section contains some basics about general care of your dog. Dog care in hot weather is a topic which is not often explored. While much has been written about feeding, no dog site is complete without some discussion on this subject. This section will be further expanded as new topics come to light. »» Read more...

Breeding Raggity Anne


This section describes the care and management of breeding dogs. It is divided into three sections namely understanding and practical dog breeding, the physiology and practicality of mating dogs and the whelping of a litter of puppies. »» Read more...


Terrier Grooming

The subject of grooming dogs is as broad as it is long. For every breed there is an individual method of removing excess coat, according to coat type, as well as a style of trimming. Here we deal with hand stripping Terriers, using the Airedale Terrier as an example. As hand stripping Terriers is fast becoming a dying art, it ... »» Read more...

Judging Airedale


This section explains how a dog judge becomes qualified and all its different levels, what is a natural 'eye for a dog', what is breed type is and how it is affected by the actual size of the dog being judged. »» Read more...

 Jane at 10 with Spinky

Handling Dogs at Shows

This page describes the beginnings of Junior Showmanship Competitions and how these helped shape my life. This is followed by the basics of handling dogs at shows, gained from a life-time of personal experience on this vast subject. »» Read more...