Terriers developed outside Great Britain

A Rat Boarding a ShipA Rat Boarding a Ship

British terrier breeds were in the background of all the Terriers considered in this section. Some were carried on board sailing ships to kill the rats and mice that lived in the squalor of the ship's holds. Once they reached their destination, they bore the name of their country of development. The two European Terriers considered here were deliberately developed to fill the specific hunting needs of their respective countries.

Rat Baiting 1845

Terriers that Sailed the World

Terriers were named and documented in Britain in the early history of terriers as far back as the 1570[1]. All British ratting Terriers breeds can trace their origin back to the now extinct Old English White Terrier and the Old English Black and Tan Terriers of England. Today, they have become pure breeds quite independently from one another in various ... »» Read more...

Tenterfield bow

The Making of a Pure Breed

By the 1970's, transporting dogs by air instead of sea had become quicker and more affordable. This made it much easier to export and import dogs between countries. Within each country, some types of dogs were further developed, resulting in new, modern, country specific, breeds having their beginnings about this time. But it takes decades for a new breed to ... »» Read more...

Tenterfield Terriers

Tenterfield Terrier

Australian in development, the forebears of the Tenterfield Terrier accompanied Australia's first white settlers who sailed from Portsmouth in England's South[1]. These small basically white dogs were vermin killers, surviving this harsh country without pampering. Today they are strong, hardy, active and agile, their smooth short coat making them 'easy care' family companions. Their unique naturally occurring short or bob ... »» Read more...

Brazilian Terrier GIMP

Other Terriers Developed outside Great Britain

Today, the influence of the small ratting Terriers of Britain is seen in several countries. North America has the Rat Terrier in 2 sizes and the Hairless Terrier, Japan has its Japanese Terrier and South America has its Brazilian Terrier. These have become recognised as pure breeds by our ANKC 'sister' bodies, the AKC and FCI , but developed independently ... »» Read more...

Australian Terrier Little Girl

Australian Terrier

The 'Aussie' as he is affectionately known, was originally a vermin killer. When he first came to Australia, he tackled introduced vermin such as rates and mice. Later, he hunted indigenous species, particularly snakes. Today he is one of Australia's most iconic breeds. He loves people and company, adapts well into family life and is easy to train. »» Read more...

Jag entering hole

German Hunting (Jagd) Terrier

The German Hunting Terrier was developed specifically as a hunting and sporting dog. German Hunting Terriers are lively with an explicit instinct to follow game. The appearance of his determination to work is evident by his seemingly inexhaustible energy. »» Read more...

Cesky Grey Blue

Cesky Terrier

The former Czechoslovakia's national dog, the Cesky Terrier was developed to create an ideal hunting dog by crossing a Scottish Terrier with a Sealyham Terrier. »» Read more...