Terriers developed outside Great Britain

Tenterfield TerriersTenterfield Terriers

The Terrier breeds that developed outside Great Britain originated from British Terriers, and bear the name of their country of development. Carried on board sailing ships to kill the rats and mice that lived in the squalor of the ship's holds, today these terriers are very hardy breeds, just like their ratting ancestors.

Nellie BEST

Tenterfield Terrier

Australian in development, the forebears of the Tenterfield Terrier accompanied Australia's first white settlers who sailed from Portsmouth in England's South[1]. These small basically white dogs were vermin killers, surviving this harsh country without pampering. Today they are strong, hardy, active and agile, their smooth short coat making them 'easy care' family companions. Their unique naturally occurring short or bob ... »» Read more...

Aussie stamp issued 1980

Australian Terrier

The evolution of the Australian Terrier follows the history of white man's emigration to Australia in the early 1800's. With wool being Australia's first industry, early emigrants came from the sheep counties of the Scottish and Border regions of Great Britain. Usually considered to be a mixture of 'the best of the British terriers' two remnants of the Australian Terrier's ... »» Read more...

Cesky Jane

German Hunting (Jagd) and Cesky Terrier

Both breeds of Terriers we have considered here were developed in Europe to hunt not only deer and hare, but also work in the burrows of foxes and badgers. Prior to 1926 the Germans selectively bred the rough coated Old English Black and Tan Terrier which preceded the Welsh Terrier of Britain. But Czechs only began developing the Cesky Terrier ... »» Read more...