Choosing the Right Dog

Afghan HoundAfghan Hound

The choice of a companion dog is a personal one. We all have different expectations. Complicate this with the variation in individual requirements of different types of dogs, the choice of a new dog requires much thought and consideration.

This series of articles is designed to assist you in the most important decision of acquiring a dog in the first instance. This way the dog you choose should have predictable behaviour, predictable energy levels, a coat you can manage and also suit your needs and those of your family[1].

[1] Jane Harvey, "Choosing the Right Puppy" in Puppies Australia Annual (Michael Vink, Woolloongabba, Queensland), Vol 4 ISSN 14428059 Pages 46-49

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Matching Dog and Lifestyle

This section directs your choice of a puppy to suit your particular lifestyle with consideration of your home security as far as keeping a dog is concerned, your own fitness level and ability to exercise your dog, your time constraints, your local situation and space available for the dog and the spare time you have for coat care. »» Read more...

Saint Bernard with Tenterfield Terrier

The Pedigree is your Guarantee

A pedigree is an official certificate given by a recognised dog controlling body or Kennel Club listing usually five generations of the dog you are purchasing. The pedigree is not just a list of names. The names represent real dogs often known personally to the reputable breeders who planned to have them as ancestors of the puppy you are purchasing. ... »» Read more...