Gundog Breeds

English Springer SpanielEnglish Springer Spaniel

Gundogs were bred to work in conjunction with the hunter and his gun. Historically, Gundogs developed into the breeds we know today along with the development of guns to shoot birds, rabbits, hare or other game primarily for the hunter to eat. In today's society Gundogs are popular companion dogs because they are quiet, steady, obedient, easily trained, and everybody's friend!

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Gundog Breed Index

The classification of the dogs in this Group varies from country to country. For simplicity of navigation and accessibility, the table below lists the breeds alphabetically that appear in the Australian classification, divided into five sections based broadly on their historical purpose. »» Read more...

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How Gundogs Work

To this day, Gundogs are used for their natural ability to hunt. This can be done purely on a hobby basis. Alternatively, it can have a commercial implication in conservation projects to rid properties of pests. Field Trials, designed to test and determine a dog's natural hunting ability, are conducted on a competitive basis. »» Read more...

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Setters and the Pointer (English)

The magnificent Pointer with its unique head is as legendary as the Setters. Historically these dogs were used to assist hunters to capture game. Their popularity rose in the 1800's when shotguns came into general use. The first recorded British dog show held in Newcastle upon Tyne in England in 1859 was exclusively for Setters and Pointers. So historically, these ... »» Read more...

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When guns were invented in the early 1700's, it became necessary to develop specialized retrieving breeds to bring the shot game back to the shooter over longer distances and more difficult terrain. So dogs were selected with 'soft mouths' which did not bite into the skin of or chew birds or other game they retrieved. Today these dogs are among ... »» Read more...

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Land Spaniels (Sporting)

Spaniels historically flushed the game so the huntsmen could shoot it, working ahead of the huntsmen. As described in the History of Spaniels, they were descended from dogs used for 'Fowling'. Then with the advent of the gun, the many different breeds we know today began to emerge. Today, the different breeds of spaniels make excellent family companions as they ... »» Read more...

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Utility Gundogs

European in origin, Utility Gundogs developed as a result of the break-up of large estates after the French Revolution and Napoleonic wars. Required to work in more confined areas than their ancestors, Utility Gundogs combine all the functions of the more specialised English Gundogs described in this section. Utility Gundogs are active, versatile and easy to train. So they are ... »» Read more...

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Water Dogs

This section contains three breeds that were originally bred to hunt waterfowl in marshes and boggy terrains. Each breed is not only different in the way they hunted, but they also developed in countries completely isolated from one another. These breeds are the Water Spaniel of Ireland, the Tolling Retriever of Canada, and the Lagotto which first developed in the ... »» Read more...