List of Published Works

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Jane Harvey is a widely published author and commentator. Most of her work has been peer reviewed and is widely respected in the dog world. She has published more than the 343 articles listed here. Her research papers appear in authoritative dog publications, magazines and newspapers. The following pages arranged in topics are selected lists of her published works including Educational DVD/video productions, articles on know-how and particular breeds, history, stories, opinions, show and Library reports and book reviews.

RV Sales

DVD Productions

Jane and Bob Harvey spent more than two decades on video production. They attained 'Corporate Accreditation' from the Australian Video Producers Association and also won the award for Best Documentary in 2004. Apart from filming over 300 dog shows, Jane and Bob's Educational series is still available for sale. Additionally Jane currently runs a U-tube Channel. »» Read more...



With her respected encyclopaedic knowledge of dogs and the dog world in general, Jane's opinion on various topics are widely sought. The following is a list of 47 published articles, some simply a point of view, while others are the result of acting as an Expert Witness in Civil Courts. »» Read more...

English Springer Spaniel

Articles on Dog Advice

Jane has utilised a lifetime of personal experience as well as acting as a mentor to new owners, breeders, judges and dog show exhibitors to write the 8 articles listed here, many of which have been republished. This section aims to answer numerous questions on general dog selection and care, grooming, breeding and judging dogs. »» Read more...



This section contains 37 assorted re-written dog stories covering heart-warming about special dogs especially Australian fables. It also has stories about dogs that fill special roles. »» Read more...

Airedale WW1 messenger

Breeds and Breed History

The history of dogs, especially pure breeds is endless. Some of the 34 different articles relate to particular breeds and assists with an understanding of the appearance as well as some special features of these particular breeds. Other articles relate to particular breeds' affects on society in some cases assisting the survival of man under certain conditions. »» Read more...

Terrier Group Puppies

Terriers and Anatomy

This page contains 26 articles on many different aspects of Terriers and general Anatomy. With a lifetime passion about Terriers, my first published article was in 1975. Well sought after Internationally, some articles were written specifically to answer a particular request, while others were aspects of Terriers I was felt it was necessary to make more generally known. »» Read more...

Royce Adelaide

Articles on Airedale Terriers

Airedales were my first passion and part of my family life. Always hobby operated in a modest family home with a small backyard and no formal kennel block, the current Airedales were also always part of our household. The 20 articles on Airedales below, dating back to the 1970's were among the first articles I ever had published. »» Read more...

Tenterfield with half Natural Bob Tail

Articles on Tenterfield Terriers

Having known a 'Mini Foxie' in my childhood, I reverted to these delightful little dogs when they were on the way to becoming recognised as a pure breed. They appeared to be far more suitable for my husband and I as we aged. This journey is told with the following 16 articles I had published through the journey of the ... »» Read more...

Jane in Library

Book Reviews

Jane has reviewed 41 publications beginning with her Library Committee's policy that Australian works donated to the Library, especially those authored by VCA members and Australian authors being a priority. Since her Library days, her interest in and reviewing Australian productions and publications has continued. These include: »» Read more...

Bedlington Brian Huxham


This page contains 15 obituaries about some of my special friends in the dog world. »» Read more...

Scottie Profile

Dog Show and Other Reports

There are 30 Reports in this section of Dog Shows and other events that Jane has attended as a Judge or in connection with 'Rangeaire Vision' as a video producer. »» Read more...

Library Group

VCA Members Library

Part of the successful establishment of the Victorian Canine Association's (VCA) Library was the publicity generated by the following 69 articles written by Jane in order to generate support, enthusiasm and the co-operation of the general membership. This was needed to not only attract volunteers for the establishment of a Library Committee, but also to raise awareness of the Library ... »» Read more...