Herding Breeds

Australian Cattle DogAustralian Cattle Dog

Herding dogs work from outside the flock or in yards, usually under the direction of a person called a Shepherd. To understand herding dogs it is important to understand the type of sheep, cattle or other members of the flock they herd. Almost every country in the world has an indigenous Herding breed, each developed somewhat differently in localized areas. For this reason we shall consider these dogs according to their countries of origin.

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Australian Herding Breeds

Australia's first British settlers arrived in 1788 and brought some cows and a few fat tailed sheep bred for meat. It would be 37 years before the first herding dogs as such were imported into Australia. People shepherded live stock until 1825 when 2-3 pairs of rough 'colley dogs' arrived on a ship called the 'Hugh Crawford'[6] . It must ... »» Read more...


Herding Breeds connected to Australia

This section covers two breeds. Firstly we have an American developed breed called Australian Shepherd which was developed into a recognised pure breed in the USA. Secondly we will have the Border Collie which originated in the Border Region of Britain yet was first developed into a recognised breed in Australia. These names came about purely because they had a ... »» Read more...

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British Herding Breeds

Early Herding Dogs reveal that sheepdogs in British Isles have exited since around 2,500 BC. Over the next 4,000 years, the terrain of localities and specialized work created the different breeds that we plan to discuss in this section. Today, we have the broad-headed, shaggy haired Old English Sheepdog and Bearded Collie, the Border Collie, the Collies (smooth) and (rough) ... »» Read more...