Terriers of Scotland

Terriers of ScotlandTerriers of Scotland

The Scottish Terrier we know today is believed to be the oldest variety of the canine race indigenous to Scotland. Until around 1800 it was a long bodied, short legged, rough coated game little terrier known by various names. These included the Skye Terrier, the Scotch Terrier, the Scots Terrier, the Highland Terrier, the Aberdeen Terrier and the Die Hard. But during the 1800's pictures and word descriptions became more available in print. Although the name 'Scotch' Terrier remained until 4 different Breed Standards were written, the 4 different pure breeds described in this section, emerged.

Westie head stamp

Cairn and West Highland White Terrier

The Cairn and the West Highland White Terriers ("Westie') are considered together here because of the common origin of these two breeds. These rough coated working terriers hunted badger, otter and fox that lived in the rocky highlands or cairns on the West coast of Scotland. Working within the confines of rocky lairs was very different to working in soft ... »» Read more...

Scottie postcard

Skye and Scottish Terrier

The historic similarity in construction of these two breeds is why they are considered here together. Bred to work underground, their modern long, low construction reflects the type of work these terriers were originally expected to perform. Today, as two separate pure breeds, this gives an alternative approach to understanding how modern exaggerations now typify both breeds. »» Read more...