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Red Kangaroo - NT's Native EmblemRed Kangaroo - NT's Native Emblem

The bodies controlling our pure breed dog activities in our two Australian Territories, were not  formed until the 1950s. Consequently, they have a comparatively short history. The difference between the Territories and the States is the way they are governed. Australian States have their own State Governments, whereas the Territories are governed under the laws of our Federal Government. However, their dog 'governments' or controlling bodies are separate like they are in the five States.

Dogs NT (Northern Territory)

The Northern Territory was formally part of South Australia. In 1863 the British had transferred the Northern Territory to South Australia because the barren desert lands of Central Australia disappointed the British for pastoral expansion. However, in the early 1870s the overland Telegraph joined Australia from the Darwin in the North, to Port Augusta in the South. In 1911, the Northern Territory was separated from South Australia and transferred to Australian government control.

In 1958 Northern Territory formed the North Australian Canine Association (NACA) and 58 dogs were exhibited at their first Championship Show. In 1961 the Central Australian Show Society became an affiliate, giving the NACA financial assistance.

Auspices with the Central Australian Show Society (CASS)

By 1965, in a similar way to what occurred in the six States, the President, Secretary and Treasurer of the CASS became the office bearers of the NACA. The CASS then gave a portion of the land they controlled at Winnellie for the NACA to develop a permanent dog showing complex. In 1973 the NACA became a member of the ANKC.

Bull Terrier (Australia) c 1903Bull Terrier (Australia) c 1903

In 1974, when 'Cyclone Tracy' virtually destroyed Darwin, the remainder of the Australian dog world rallied together raising some $6,000+ for a dog complex to be built at Winnellie. Meanwhile, NSW facilitated NACA's registrations. In 1976 the NACA incorporated, but it was not until 1978 that they demanded the compulsory membership that brought them in line with the rest of Australia.

In 1984 the NACA had commenced the very slow transition of increasing the number of Councillors to become elected until they became the fully independent North Australian Canine Association Inc., breaking all ties with the CASS. From 1985, they produced their own newsletter and published their own litter registrations.[1] Today the controlling body for the Northern Territory trades as 'Dogs NT'.

References and Further Reading

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