Other Airedales in Australia (since 1950)

Robert Grannum (Qld) showing Ch Southdale FigjamRobert Grannum (Qld) showing Ch Southdale Figjam

Many Airedale breeders started off with dogs from Victoria. Though initially, before air travel became the usual way to transport dogs to Australia and across it. So historically many more Airedales were bred within locally the various Australian States than elsewhere. Although today travel is much easier, I have included here the information I have so far to hand.


Qualep Airedales (WA)

Peter Scull and his wife Corrie together with their whole family have been involved in Airedales in WA for a period spanning more than 70 years. Peter was a South Australian who, as a child had an Airedale called 'Billy' from two Champions 'Raffles' and 'Lady'. Peter and 'Billy' came to live in WA in 1942. »» Read more...


Strongfort Airedales (NSW)

In 1962, Gisela Lesh arrived on my doorstep some 5 kilometers from her home having walked with her Airedale pup 'Moylarg Sheba'. 'Gish' as she became known had entered 'Sheba' in the forthcoming Royal Melbourne Show and asked for my assistance grooming her. Unfortunately Sheba had been clipped and looked very rough. Although I did what I could in the ... »» Read more...

Kitching Branstree Bunting Imp Uk Nell

Beukale Airedales (WA)

From a child, Pauline had always had Airedales in her family in UK. When she immigrated to Australia in 1982, she brought brought her foundation bitch, Branstree Bunting (pictured) with her. This bitch was mated to ANDYDALE LORD CASPER which produced her first Champion, CH BEUKALE RYDAL MAJOR. In her own words, this is her story: »» Read more...

Dot John Netherton and pups

Brentleigh Airedales (SA)

No History of Airedales in South Australia would be complete without the inclusion of Dorothy (Doff) Netherton her ever-supporting husband John and Jimmy Salt, a Scotsman all-breeds judge who trimmed the 'Brentleigh' Airedales. Later in her life another Scotsman, Jim Bathgate assisted her. Dot's kennels were situated in the inner Adelaide suburb of Woodville. »» Read more...

Marlene Ike jumping

Alsirat Airedales (SA)

Ed an Marlene Jacobs commenced involvement in Victoria firstly with the purchase of Ch Windview Ikabod CD a son Ch Rangeaire Rocka Billy and later with the purchase of Ch Rangeaire Rochelle. After moving to WA 2 litters were produced from this pair including one litter of 12 survivors! Relocating to South Australia where most of the success of Asirat ... »» Read more...

Bajan Robert with Billy

Bajan Airedales (Qld)

Following on from Airedales in early Queensland, the little information about Airedales in Queensland for the twenty years after World War Two, is undocumented. However, Bajan, owned by Robert Grannum was one of the people who helped put Airedales back on the map in Queensland. He produced the only Airedale to gain the title Australian Obedience Champion, 20 Australian show ... »» Read more...

Jane judging 2016 Reduced

Other Airedale Breeders Outside Victoria

This section includes all the information I have so far to hand on people involved who reside outside Victoria. »» Read more...