Other Water Dogs

Spanish Water Dog (white)Spanish Water Dog (white)

Here we have two other Water Dog breeds recognized by the FCI but not yet recognized here. Firstly we have the Spanish Water Dogs pictured. These dogs are 30 - 40 cms tall and come in solid white, black and chestnut in their different shades or bicoloured that is white and black or white and brown in different shades. Their curly coat can form cords when long. They can also have a natural bob tail. (FCI Standard no 336).

Spanish Water Dog (Chestnut)Spanish Water Dog (Chestnut)


The second Water Dog on the right recognized by the FCI is the Wetterhoun. He comes from the Netherlands and his coat is covered in tight curls. He stands 55-59 cms high and comes in solid black or brown, or black with white markings, or brown with white markings with ticking or roan in the white are permitted.(FCI Standard no 221).