Miniaturised Larger Breeds

Pomeranian and SamoyedPomeranian and Samoyed

The Toy Group contains two breeds that were miniaturized from larger breeds. These are the Pomeranian which is the smallest member of the Spitz family and the Italian Greyhound which is the smallest of the Sight Hounds family and resembles a Greyhound in miniature. Both these breeds compete in heir 'family' group under FCI Rules. However, as this is an Australian website, they appear here in the Toy Group.

Pom Puppies


The Pomeranian is one of our oldest and best known pure breeds. Active and alert, they make excellent watch dogs. Developed as a pure breed from the very first dog shows, their lovable, inquisitive nature and good looks has consistently maintained their popularity for over a century. Coming in a wide range of colours, they are a compact intelligent toy ... »» Read more...