Historical Deliberations

Hunting Dog c 1300Hunting Dog c 1300

Throughout the this website, a great emphasis is placed on history, which gives a unique insight into the character and function behind each breed. In some cases, this is controversial because history often relies on drawings, paintings and translations of various texts into English. This section questions some of the written histories currently being promulgated in some breeds. It also discusses some more general aspects associated with pure breeds.

Aus Shep sitting

The Australian Shepherd - Quite un-Australian

This article was originally written for 'Dog News Australia' in an attempt to correct the history of the Australian Shepherd's origin currently being promulgated by the AKC, the Kennel Club (UK), the FCI and the ANKC (Australia). The Australian Shepherd is a modern breed which America developed into a pure breed from Australian roots. This article argues the authenticity of ... »» Read more...

Borzoi Mum and Pups

Selective Breeding - a Dying Art?

Famous UK judge, Andrew Brace wrote: 'the ability to read a pedigree is an art'[1]. In other words by selective breeding, the successful breeder creates a dog typical of the Breed Standard. Producing a selectively bred litter is like painting a beautiful picture, or composing an excellent piece of music. Then selecting that special puppy requires what the experienced old-timer ... »» Read more...