Australia's Chronology of Dog Shows

Cocker Spaniel 1894Cocker Spaniel 1894

This section documents the growth of pure breed dogs in Australia from the earliest days of dog showing and highlights the initiative of Junior Showmanship in Melbourne.

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The Rise and Fall of Dog Shows

For millennia, dogs and man have been inseparable. But over the last two centuries, dogs gradually became more specialized. This specialization was the basis for the different breeds displayed at dog shows. But today, are these dog shows contributing to the demise of pure breed dogs? »» Read more...


Australia's 150 years of Dog Registration

Imagine it's 1870. You decide to emigrate from Britain to Australia, bringing your pure breed dogs with you. You know the only communication with home is a 4-months sea voyage away! You hear there are dog shows. But when you arrive you find there is no Stud Book in which to record the registration of your dogs. This was the ... »» Read more...

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Junior Showmanship - a Melbourne Initiative

England has huge Dog Shows like Crufts. USA has famous Dog Shows like the Westminster Kennel Club. But for Australia, our largest and most famous Dog Shows were tied to the Royal Agricultural Societies in each State. According to my research, it was at the Royal Melbourne Show 1948 where the first structured Junior Showmanship classes were conducted anywhere in ... »» Read more...